The Max Program – Fall 2021 (8 weeks)


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5 in stock


For 2021 we’ve developed the most individualized training program ever created in Nova Scotia youth soccer in order to give our players the best possible opportunity to accelerate their player development. Every decision made at Mitch's Soccer is based on the individual player and their needs in relation to the 5 pillars of development. To ensure the player gets the most of out of each pillar we've partnered with the best professionals in Nova Scotia. Below are the key stages we focus on through each pillar at Mitch's Soccer. We practice plan and coach each pillar based on which stage the individual players current needs require the most attention.


Pillar 1: Technical
Pillar 2: Physical
Pillar 3: Socio-emotional
Pillar 4: Tactical
Pillar 5: At Home


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