Stay tuned for upcoming Tour dates for the remainder of 2023! Thanks to all the schools and members of Mitch’s Soccer who make it possible to reach over 1200 players in 2019 on our tour!



Tour Dates & Locations

Stay tuned for upcoming Tour dates fr the remainder of 2020. 

Mental Health Talks

Our Awareness Tour aims to spread mental health awareness by engaging players in fun soccer sessions followed by a short talk. We coach and speak with each class on every tour stop. 

Beauty Prizes

Prizes will be given out to the beauties of each class! We give out prizes to players who are showing acts of “beauty” during the class. This means someone who shows signs of sportsmanship, is helpful to the coaches and fellow players, and who shows overall “beauty” qualities. Soccer balls, GK gloves, Nike, Adidas & Under Armour apparel are handed out as prizes class.