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Official guideline which can be referenced in regards to the cancellations of all Mitch’s Soccer Services

COVID-19 Cancellation Guidelines

If Mitch’s Soccer services are halted due to COVID restrictions the sessions or camps WILL BE made up, OR, a credit will be applied to your account for the services cancelled.

  1. If a PLAYER is to cancel a 1on1 individual session, due to illness or other reasons, the session WILL NOT BE made up. ***Unless under special circumstances agreed upon beforehand between the parents, player, and Mitch.***
  2. If a 1on1 or Small Group session is cancelled due to weather, such as a snowstorm making the roads unsafe to drive on, the session WILL NOT be made up.
  3. If a 1on1 or Small Group session is cancelled by Mitch or any of the Mitch’s Soccer staff, the session WILL BE made upat the earliest date possible, in a gymnasium. Indoor turf is very limited in the winter which is why it cannot be made up on turf.
  4. If a PLAYER must withdrawl from camp(s) a credit for the full amount paid will applied to any future service. Refunds are NOT availible for camps.